News: Poetry, Chapbook, Crimson Fighters, Short Story

Sadly to say, but my computer is buggin so I can’t post my short story. I’m getting a new laptop Friday. However, I will be posting another poem in preparation for my next poetry Chapbook release, entitled Journal. I will also be making Crimson Fighters, my short novel, available for free come Monday. Everyone will have 5 days to download their ebook copy free of charge.

Poem: Vulnerable

We hardly had the chance to change
I had your heart before your brain
Just because I’m on your mind
Doesn’t really mean that you were mine
I never thought that I would be gone
I never expected you to move on
You didn’t expect for me to be gone
I told you, fake love doesn’t last long
But when you call my phone
I really wanna change my mind
I really wanna see you now
I really wanna hit you back
When you text me my phone
I really wanna pick you up
I really wanna spend a night
I really wanna impress you

Time and trouble doesn’t last long
We made a few turns,
That we knew were wrong
And when you knew you were wrong
You would put on a thong
I couldn’t stay mad for long
Having sex
To our favorite songs
Smoking weed
With wraps and a bong
I’m trying to forget about you
But when you call my phone
I really wanna be alone
I really want you in my home
Taking baths in my tub
When you text my phone
I really wanna believe you
I really wanna trust in us
I really want your love
Not lust