Poem: Women Don’t Notice Broke Boys

Women don’t notice broke boys
Girls pay attention to looks
Swagger gets the pretty ones
Even if you’re a crook
Both come from money
That’s why you’ve never noticed me
Not knowing the struggle I’m going through
Wearing the same clothes
Because of bills
I could get fast money too
But I don’t steal
I don’t kill
For a quick buck
I don’t have parents
To take care of my pockets
When I’m down on my luck
I’m stuck
Unless I make a move
Trying to be careful
Not to end up on the news
Women have their mind made up
They know what they need
A man with some cash to aid them
Not another broke seed
Not a guy
Smoking up all their weed
Ambition brings you loneliness
Goals bring hope
Cars and jewelry
bring naked bodies
Six figures
Make you snotty
Too low
For me to go
I have a soul
I just want the dough
Then I’ll know

Thanking my followers

I want to thank my followers for even giving me the chance to share my work to you all. I know you probably here this often, but you all make it to where I still write. I have depression so often I doubt my work I feel as if I’m not moving fast enough. But when I see all the likes, I know my work matters to each and every one of you. every like represents that

Poem: Wait For Me

Summer’s done
I’m leaving now
Imma wait for you
Wait for me too
While I’m out of town
I’ll think of ways
To meet with you
To be around you
To bring you here
To make it to you
When you leave the plane
I’ll be there
With my bags
Going back with you
Can you wait for me
I’ll wait if you do
If we’re gonna wait
While I’m out of town
No more tears
I’m waiting for you
Waiting for you


#Distant Love

Poem: Nothing Is What It Seems

We put in all the work to be together
But it jammed
Easier for you to walk away
Than to approach me
Just like the other day
When you gave me
No explanation
on the sex we made then
Nothing is what it seems anymore
Acting like you didn’t mean anymore
Everything you said
When looks don’t mean a thing anymore
love so good I didn’t need anymore
Poetry has me
That’s why I don’t sing anymore
I’d rather reach out to you
You should reach for me too
You shouldn’t risk us
Just to try something new
I’m breathing to your heartbeat
I’m kneeling on my knees
Caressing both your feet
This has to be make believe
Because you were just
In love with me
Nothing is what it seems anymore
I don’t want to be anymore
So into you
Because I’m hurt
You won’t stay anymore
So strange how you don’t claim anymore
Affections for me out loud
But you still want my sex
I still have your text

#poetry #Heartbreak #past love

Poem: Legacy Mornings

Spent the night in the quiet zone
My old man won’t answer the phone
Telling Mom I was on my own
Hotel people at the door
Then he wonder why I got a habit
Cutting up like a Savage
I won’t buy a gun
Not to have it
I don’t need your love
I never had it
Just another father
With baggage
I sold my first package
Because you asked me
I couldn’t do fronts
So don’t ask me
When the other kids went to school
I was doing drop offs
With you
In the back seat with the tool
Since you were my dad
I had a lot to prove
Watching stop lights for the police
We were barely home
We dwelled in the streets
Taking offers that my siblings didn’t see
Doing big deals
Minus the tax fee
Now I’m on my own
Keeping low key

Poem: That Girl

That Girl

That girl with the long hair
I pay attention
Even when you think I don’t care
That’s just an act
A mask to hide behind
Crushing on a personality
Oh so kind
That girl speaks poetry
In her normal tone
With her normal words
It sounds like Shakespeare to me
An unfinished sonnet
Speaking on beauty
that every mirror repeats
That girl knows magic
Showing me visions
Of her and I going at it
These are disrespectful fantasies
My mind wants more than my body
When my heart
Just wants you here with me
That girl changes minds
Second guessing
If I could make her mine
I know I’m in line
One of many
Standing in the back
Yelling from behind
Watching her walk away
Going in the opposite direction
That girl
Leaves so many impressions

Mars Sunset

Make up running down your face
Smearing from cries of regret
I invited you over
To numb you
Walking behind me
Arms so tight around my stomach
You act as if you’re mine now
I’m fine with that
Following me room for room
You want to be loved
Even if it isn’t from him
I’ll spoon feed you
Making you steak, mashed potatoes, and peas
Like I’ve been waiting for you to come home
All day
Even though it’s 3 AM
We’ll stay up
Knowing tonight you can’t sleep
Your broken heart can’t rest
Your hurt feelings
Require Percocet