Midsummer Nights

#poetry #poem #poet

I don’t know what to say
Certain colors just shouldn’t blend
Love and sadness
Breaks those rules
Going hand and hand
With emptiness and sympathy
I love you
And don’t even know you
You could lead me on
Dragging me into your sea
Water pressure so strong
It’s a mental thing
All up in my head
I’m boxed in
Sealed away by your angelic voice
I made the choice
To see
Using Envy’s eyes
Why are you still single?
You should be searching for space
From a man so clingy
Wearing your heart like clothes
Wearing my hand
Over yours
We’re both hurt
Waiting on nurse time
To do all the work

6 thoughts on “Midsummer Nights

    1. Thank you. Your work really inspired me, it made me go in a deeper place. To have deeper feelings. To evolve like I wanted to. I’m still not even close to your level lol but I’mma try my hardest to get there. Thank you again.

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