Silent Winds

#Complicated #Relationships #poetry #LoveorLust

Silent winds finally speak up
Just to whisper your name
Going out of my way
I want to find you
Leading me on through voicemails
I can never catch your calls
You’re an ocean
Not a lake
Deeper meanings
Come from what you say
One minute your busy
The next time I see you…
You’re in the club.
I’m not wavy enough
To ride along you
Water without waves
Means your free
But at peace
I wanna move on
Careless like the wind
Instead of being stabled
Like the earth you walk on
I’m not able
To keep letting you mislead me
Wanting to take a stand
I give in
Everytime you read me
I hate the games you play
Cheating your way to the boss
Putting in codes
Like “I love you”
Knowing that it’s false
I still want to believe
No proof needed
I believe in us
As much as religion

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