I Loved You

Hours at your door
I loved you on the floor
I loved you on the couch
I should’ve loved you more
When I had the time
Once upon a time
We crossed the line
Not caring, it was fine
You were once a friend
I knew you had a man
I even shook his hand
I did it like we planned
I loved you in the end
Should’ve known this would happen
Should’ve known you would rekindle
Should’ve known you were actin
You cheated on him
Wit me
We crossed the line
So I see
Why you hurt me like this
You were never really leavin
Like a movie trailer
You were just teasin
You were never really mine
You kept him in mind
You kept me in line
Bottles stacked with wine
I loved you in the tub
You know I Know what’s up
I’m broken, I’m in love
Knowing I was just a fuck
I fucked you to the moon
Put you on that rocket ship
He fucks you soft
I’m the opposite
Aggressive with ya body babe
In his car
You were my sex slave
We should’ve never did it.

#Poetry #poem #poet #love #depression #heartbreak

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