Teenage Eyes

Walking down a lonely street
Was a girl who wouldn’t speak
No older than sixteen
She had done… everything she seen
No longer in contact with her mother or father
She had to make it
With dreams of success
However she could get money, she had to take it
One night,
She met an older man
Who gave her a place to stay
Blown away by her future plans
He said he cared for her
So she saw him as an older friend
He seemed nice
For the first week
No money needed from her
He didn’t charge her for sleep
During week two
He gave her an offer
Either put out
Or get out
He was no longer the man
He portrayed to be
So she ended up in the rain
Back on the streets
With hunger pains
And no where else to go
She back tracked
Ending up at the man’s door

#poet #poem #poetry #narrative #story #life #dreams #struggles #Teenagers #girl

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