Father of the year
Where he at?
He ain’t love me
He just blessed me into a set
I work hard
I work for his respect
I can’t share future wealth
Because it’s not here yet
That’s why he missin
I should’ve listen
When mama told me
He was ruthless
To him I’m useless
Got me feelin stupid
Deep down inside
I already knew this
I just live a lie
Callin it grown man pride
Keepin hurtful shit
I lose Everytime
We share a bond
Thinkin we good forever
Thinkin far beyond
That’s what I get for thinkin.
I’m too strong for drugs
I don’t do no drinkin
I just lay down at night and hurt
I go to sleep, wake up, and get back to work
#fatherless #depression #poetry #poet #poem #life

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