I’m on your sound wave
I hear you
I wanna change
I wanna not be engaged
I wanna be married to you
Don’t wanna be double our age
Don’t want you free
I want you caged
It’s been too long
To call us a phase
Don’t want other hands
Touching your waist
Don’t want any other
Taking my place
You’re older
But you still wet my taste
Don’t want guys
All in your face
Denying me
All my fame
Claiming he loves you
When I love you the same
Got him sick
Because he’s soaked in your rain
If I lost you again
It’ll be ashame

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#poet #poetry #poem

I was wit it
All in it
I did it
I pled loyalty
To the wrong people
Being gifted
I appear to be trippin
Let me fall
They cut me deep
I’m still drippin
I’m different
Since I went missin
It’s purple Sprite
But it’s still fizzin
My chest is still rippin
And you ain’t even here
My bills are overdue
Ain’t waiting on I-O-U’S
I’m sippin on overdose
I write but don’t post
I move from coast to coast
So I don’t know so and so


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I’m so glad you’re not his girl
But I get no attention
Always workin
never knowing when I’m hurtin
When do you have time off?
Time with you
Is always uncertain
Noodles for dinner
Because you’re too busy
If it was the other way around
Things would look risky
How do you do it?
Constantly miss me
Getting lost in your job
You had to dismiss me
I’m moody for a reason
We don’t chill
And loneliness
Is never easy