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Yo skin so beautiful; sexy so beautiful.


Blog: 8-8-19

Been writing during all my free time. Lol I even cut back on videogames!!! Anyway, how would everyone like a hand copy available for purchase of a book of poetry? Over a hundred poems!!

Thought We Were Brothers (Sean Diss)

I’m in her doggie style
You bitter; she sweet
I have her too often
To respond, so peace
Niggas procrastinate
They hatin, they wait
Pillow talking to my ex
It’s old, they late
Friends are often playdough
They soft, they fake
I’ll step down
So you can get that first date
I’m careless I’m dark
You careful, you light
Don’t keep running to your brother
If you bout it, let’s fight
I’m not fighting for my ex
If she wants you
You next
But if she hit me up
Imma reply, and show you the text