Broke Stories

Everybody different
Fuck a job
A lot of people in the kitchen
Whippin up pure shit
Selling small hits
Pullin big licks
Turning real tricks
She can handle that
I’m not Batman
I’m manbat
I’m Bruce Wayne
Feeling all the pain
My parents breathing
But they dead to me
That’s how I set me free
Living splurging sprees
Escaping purgatory
At 19
Stepping out my mama house
Instead of sight seeing
I’m used to being broke
Seeing old friends
Doing coke
Numb to hearing aids
With selective hearing
After three days
They reappearing
After being missing
I ain’t seen nothin
Ain’t nobody snitchin
They just killing time
And killing themselves
But this is what the weak do
Without the wealth


Chivalry’s Night

Let’s not talk about sex
Just yet
Act like we just met
Because you’re too sweet
To just water down
I couldn’t dog you
I wouldn’t even know how
Let me treat you
As you stand
You’re a woman
Not a one night stand
So you can trust
That I’m worried
Let me be a perfectionist
I’m not in a hurry
Because when you leave
I don’t wanna be
The last thing on your mind
Remember the bubble bath
And wine
It’s fine
If you’re busy the next day
As long as everything’s okay
When you leave
You can call me to talk
About the night before
Whenever you come back
I’ll do more

News: Better books

I don’t know how everyone will feel about this but I will be taking down my books on Amazon. Fact of the matter of being I feel like I didn’t give as much effort as I should have I’ve been working a job as pulled in enough money for me to pay for marketers editors exedra. This time I will be able to give you guys a lot more then when I gave you before. Starting off with a 90-poem poetry book. Like I said once before this will be free. After that I want to release a short novel which will also be free. The formatting and everything will be a lot better.