Ice Queen

She was cold as ice
Nice scent like flowers
Attitude on fire
With no man on her hand
I was shy but fearless
Nervous and curious
Voices in my head liked her
But she couldn’t hear this
I was already selfish about us
And didn’t even have her yet
I knew the day was coming though
The day she walked the halls with me
The day I didn’t walk the halls
By myself
It wasn’t that I couldn’t get a girl
I was just picky
It was only her for me
With tunnel vision
She was all I would see
I didn’t see Bridget to my left
Or Bethany on my right
I saw Tina
Midpoint of my sight

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I need balance
Moving constantly
To get away from everyone else
Is a challenge
How can I manage
A peace of mind
When pain is random
Loved ones I use to know
Now I can’t stand em
Friends that care
Are more than rare
We grew up as a pair
10 years later I call you
Now you’re not there
Since you don’t
I’ll no longer play fair
I dismiss a phony
Fake friends are corny
I don’t mind
Being lonely
Being the only
Person that has my back
Don’t drive me to suicide
You don’t have to apologize
Let’s cut our ties
Hearing your voice
Means I’ll listen to more lies
I’ll let you walk
While life gives me a ride
I will succeed
Because friendship
Isn’t a need

Codeine World

I put my soul in her mix
That’s why I took a shot
Instead of a hit
I promised her I wouldn’t do drugs
I promised her I would trust
That’s back when I was in love
That’s back when we were foreal
I gave her my soul
And she made side deals
I belong to envy
Not love
I want a girl that’s stingy
Not tough
I want weed that hits rough
Per puff
Liquid Percocets
Make me lean
I once laughed for an hour
Lookin at my jeans
Lonely more than often
I get high sometimes
Without coughin

Sometimes I worry that I’m being too honest with my writing. Sometimes I fear being judged. Sometimes I fear losing the respect of readers. If u judge me, that’s understood. But I have to post what I feel.

Self Pity

Don’t pay attention to
All those bad guys
Full of tattoos
On the side lines
Full of real lies
Ruining good lives
Holding jail ties
Talking big pride
I’m just too nervous for you
Or maybe for me
I don’t wanna lose you
Over insecurities
Forgive my self pity
I’m with a girl
Whose real pretty
We’re just too different
I know you don’t listen
To the thugs in training
Always women fishing
Torn between man and boy
I’m so insecure
I wanna be a good man for you
Being more secure